How to wear white after you had a sunless tan?


Q: Lately I have been asked a lot if you can wear white clothes next day after the spray tan and if the spray tan will rub off on your white dress?

A: The best time to get a spray tan is 2 days before the function. So if you are planning to get a spray tan for the New Years Eve, that is Sunday this year, you should get a spray tan on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Tip: if you left it last minute and got a spray tan the night before the event just apply a very fine layer of powder in places where you sweat the most (like in your armpits and on the neckline)  so it will trap the first sweat that will come out with bronzer. That should minimize the risk of staining the dress.

Note: just don’t overdo it. The powder should not be  visible, just a very light dusting. You don’t want to make your skin white. X

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