Behind the Scenes: Ms.Lova 2017 Shoot


19th of August we celebrated the launch of Ms.Lova brand.


We had a selection of ‘best dresses’ from New Zealand and Australian designers, awesome silk outfits, great location for the shoot, along with stunning models and a dream team of 7 people, to make it all happen.

The theme for the very first photo shoot was a ‘Fairy Tale’, where you look at the photos of tanned & beautiful women and your heart melts.

We started getting ready for the shoot in June and went shopping with our PR Manager, Fiona, to James St., Brisbane, to find perfect outfits. That was so much fun! We were looking for fabric that looks like water; for romantic dresses that feel magical; white tops that look sensational and different from the rest, and swimwear for the models, of course.

Choice of Location, without a question, was Byron Bay; one of the favourite places of Ms.Lova in NSW.


Casting for the models was not easy and after many arguments within the team, the ‘face of the brand’ was chosen; she was one of the beautiful girls that we thought will represent everyday, effortless beauty. Each model was completely different and brought something extremely unique to the shoot.


The photo shoot started at 6 am on location and took the whole weekend. Hair and makeup was done by the talented, Alyssa Selin; Airbrush Tan was done by Natasha using a mixture of Ms.Lova Dark and Ms.Lova Medium Professional Solution. Models changed 24 outfits, 8 bikinis and hundreds of t-shirts on the day. We had incredible images taken at Rae’s Hotel penthouse, by the pool and at the beautiful Watago beach, at sunrise and sunset.


The whole feel of the campaign was sexy beachy and tanned.

The Byron Bay shoot was a very special moment for Ms. Lova brand and myself. I am very proud of our dream team that are passionately building our own Ms.Lova universe.

The company is all about feeling good, feeling sexy and free; it is about lifestyle, love and effortless beauty.

We work hard every day, so that one-day the Ms.Lova brand might become synonymous with quality and a high standard in tanning world. Much love. Natasha xo


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